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About the Artist

Hi! I'm Kate -- wilderness adventurer & world traveler crafting jewelry from metal & stone under the big sky of Montana where I live with my husband + two cats. When I'm not creating in the studio, you'll find me rafting the pristine waters of Montana's rivers, exploring the dreamy backcountry on my snowmobile, or continuing my hunt for the world's greatest street food in some corner of the globe. 

Cosmic Tides Collection - Night Swim Des

A passion for art and the outdoors has always punctuated my life -- from growing up in northwestern Connecticut to escaping to the Rockies in Colorado to settling in Big Sky Country. I sought out every opportunity to explore the wilderness and travel the world and always found art -- writing, painting, drawing, and making -- to be the ultimate outlet for expressing my love for the outdoors and the open road. I dabbled for years in just about every medium, but nothing spoke to me quite like metalsmithing! I'm thrilled to be able to share my pieces with others, where they will join on adventures of all kinds and are able to be handed down to future generations. 




The Art 

Each piece of jewelry I craft is inspired by my wonder for our planet. I love how jewelry connects us to the human experience, as one of the oldest crafts known to humankind -- we've always been drawn to adorn ourselves! I utilize traditional methods and tools of metalsmithing to create sustainable, slow craft, one of a kind pieces made from recycled silver and individually curated stones that come straight from our beautiful Earth. 

Every piece of jewelry is created from start to finish by my own two hands and the heart and soul I pour into each one. I hope my jewelry will accompany you on many adventures and inspire you to get out and explore the nature that surrounds and protects us! 

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